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I chair several eSIM conferences and contribute to a number of events focussing on eSIM standards, technology development, business models and commercial opportunities. From this I get to discuss with companies how they are approaching eSIM, their questions, concerns, strategies, requirements and business objectives. Find out my thoughts about the new opportunities eSIM creates. 
Read the second installment of our blog series as we take a look at where regulatory activity has actually translated into action amongst crypto service providers. 
Read our first installment of a two-part assessment of today's cryptocurrencies and how close - or far - they are from meeting future regulatory requirements. 
Smart Cities & Smart Airports share many of the same challenges - find out about how our three key takeaways from the recent 'Passenger Terminal Expo' - Biometrics, Connectivty & IOT and Data Management Platforms - are at the forefront. 
Read the final instalment of my blog aimed at providing a realistic assessment of the digital bank account opening landscape in the UK. Having surveyed and benchmarked leading UK high street banks as well as their challenger bank counterparts, read about the key differences here. 
The UK has seen several prominent launches in the past year or two. The likes of Atom, Monzo, Revolut, and Starling have been attracting much attention for their mobile-first, branchless approach. What stood out for me when signing up for their accounts is how seamless the process is. They have foregone the Internet (that is just for providing information), instead, they are all about their apps. Install the app, add your personal details and away you go. 
I originally published this blog back in March 2016 as an introduction to P.A.ID Strategies & our services. Find out more about our focus, our solutions and the tools we can provide to help you address innovation & disruption. 
There are a number of challenger banks in the UK looking to shake up the traditional status quo, dominated by the incumbents who have a wide range of accounts and financial services available across multiple channels. The question is, has anyone made the jump to 100% digital on-boarding? 
Earlier this year Intel Security released the following press release regarding an international internet of things smart home survey that had been conducted. It was headlined “Intel Security International Internet of Things Smart Home Survey Shows Many Respondents Sharing Personal Data for Money”. This was followed with the sub-heading “75% of consumers expect smart homes to improve quality of life but 66% were still very concerned about cybersecurity”. 
Originally published on 18th July 2017 
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