The Cryptocurrency Identity Crisis 

The Cryptocurrency Identity Crisis:  An Industry Scorecard for Digital ID Verification for KYC and AML 

68% of crypto exchanges and wallets fail to conduct proper identity checks meaning that criminals and Politically Exposed Persons can trade freely. These challenges have combined to lead governments and regulators to consider introducing a framework to limit some of the volatility, reduce fraud and losses stemming from poor practice and ensure that there is a degree of accountability and compliance with action taken to minimise criminal activity, including tax evasion, money laundering, circumventing of sanctions and funding of terrorism and criminal activities. 

Cryptocurrencies and future regulatory requirements 

The discussion around regulation affecting crypto currencies continues to evolve. Whilst there are questions about how far and wide-reaching regulation may be there is a consensus that it will happen; whether industry led or driven by government regulation. This is certainly the situation in Europe and North America, the two regions which are the focus of this assessment. 

An Industry Scorecard for Digital ID Verification for KYC and AML 

Download P.A.ID Strategies research report to see how leading wallets and exchanges rank according to how compliant their onboarding process is with KYC/AML regulations, and how easy it is for users to sign up and get started. 

Crypto, KYC & AML 

Read our two-part assessment of today's cryptocurrencies and how close - or far - they are from meeting future regulatory requirements. 

On Demand Webinar: From High Street to Cryptocurreny 

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring P.A.ID Strategies, Mitek, and FinTech Futures as we explore where financial institutions currently stand in their account opening efforts, as well as how digital identity verification can help bridge the gaps between compliance, security and user experience. 
P.A.ID Strategies regularly speaks with technolgy developers and service providers in relation to digital identity, authentication and on-boarding.  Please contact us at for further enquiries. 


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