Our Reports 

P.A.ID Strategies has developed a range of reports tailored to suit the different requirements and objectives of internal stakeholders within clients. These include our insightful Viewpoints, detailed updates from Market Reports, commercially aware Strategic Reports, individually consultative Tactical Reports, tailored and bespoke Custom Research, informative Service Retainers and combinations of in Service Packages. 

The Impact of Covid-19 on Smart Cards and Embedded Security (will be significant in 2020 and could last longer) 

We have been in discussion with a number of companies as they evaluate the current position of their businesses and look to try and ensure they have the right strategies to best navigate the widespread disruption being caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 
These two-way discussions, answering questions and offering opinion whilst learning of the short-term challenges facing them, allow us to formulate a better picture of the market outlook for the various smart card and embedded security applications that we provide 
market intelligence on. 

Market Intelligence Service: Digital Secure Solutions for Credentials, Embedded + IoT Devices 

P.A.ID Strategies is excited to announce that it has launched its new Digital Secure Solutions: Credentials, Embedded + IoT Devices Market Intelligence Service to clients. This unique service has been designed to provide a holistic view of the market demand for digital secure solutions. 
It found that the market for secure credentials and embedded hardware for connected devices increased in value by 15.4% in 2018 and is forecast to rapidly grow by a further 41% by 2022. 

Cryptocurrency Identity Crisis: An Industry Scorecard for Digital ID Verification for KYC and AML 

68% of crypto exchanges and wallets fail to conduct proper identity checks meaning that criminals can trade freely. These challenges have combined to lead governments and regulators to consider introducing a framework to limit some of the volatility, reduce fraud and losses stemming from poor practice and ensure that there is a degree of accountability and compliance with action taken to minimise criminal activity. See how leading wallets and exchanges rank according to how compliant their onboarding process is with KYC/AML regulations, and how easy it is for users to sign up and get started. 

UK Banks' Customer On-Boarding Assessment - a survey of true digital capabilities 

There are a number of challenger banks in the UK looking to shake up the traditional status quo, dominated by the incumbents who have a wide range of accounts and financial services available across multiple channels. The question is, has anyone made the jump to 100% digital on-boarding? 
Download this report, exclusively licensed by Mitek, to find out who are the leaders and the laggards in digital account opening. 

Future Technologies for Smart Airports – creating the digital passenger experience 

With forecasts for growth in air travel ranging from 60% to 100% over the next 20 years, airport operators, airlines and governments face a number of significant challenges. Expansion and efficiency are two of those. Passengers have raised expectations from digital services and mobile experiences. New technologies are being introduced but which will have the greatest uptake and impact on the passenger experience?  

eSIM and Subscription Management - reprogrammable SIMs for mobile, CE & IoT 

eSIM has arrived.  eSIM has the potential to transform the mobile industry, delivering new business models, new services and new revenue streams for successful companies.  With the development of new standards for subscription management, remote SIM provisioning and companies keen to develop the potential of eSIM and the IoT eSIM is happening.  The questions are when, how and who? 


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