Market Intelligence Service: Digital Secure Solutions for Credentials, Embedded + IoT Devices 

Market Intelligence Service: Digital Secure Solutions for Credentials, Embedded + IoT Devices 

P.A.ID Strategies’ new Market Intelligence Service launched to the market in January 2019 after development and research conducted throughout 2018. This unique service has been designed to provide a holistic view of the market demand for digital secure solutions. For the first time data highlighting the balance and shift between alternative implementations will be available to clients; no other service provides this combination of solutions and applications. With its broader scope, it provides guidance on the different technologies, from smart cards and smart credentials through to embedded and virtual solutions for the digital IoT era, highlighting existing and future business opportunities. 

Focus & Benefits 

The main aim of the report is to allow companies to look at what secure solutions are available to them in terms of enabling services, identifying those using them and the devices connected to the networks. It provides a high-level, comprehensive view of the market allowing companies to identify and react to trends and plan accordingly. This service shows in which sectors and what type of devices are adopting these new solutions whilst tracking the traditional cards/credentials, so companies are able to monitor and react to any changes in the market. Data is presented by each type of secure hardware/component to illustrate where each is being used (by device and sector) now and in the future. 

Primary Benefits 

Market monitoring – identification of current usage patterns and market opportunities 
Notification of future market disruption – companies, strategies and technologies 
Build your business around customer and market needs, not technology 
Data to compare company performance with that of overall market and competition 
Understanding of changes in market with analysis of the causes  

Technologies & Applications 

Authentication IC 
eSE (incl. eUICC) 
Secure Microprocessor 
Smart Card IC 
Dual Interface 
Content Protection 
Identity & Authentication 
ICT Infrastructure 
Logistics & Supply Chain 
Object ID 
Smart Home & Consumer 
Mobile & SIM 
Payment & Banking 
Ticketing & Access 

Ordering & Participation 

Market Intelligence Service is available as an annual subscription, incorporating two deliveries per annum 
Delivery is targeted for May and November of each year 
Discounts are available for subscriptions of longer than 1 year and/or with report packages 
We engage with companies to tailor the scope to meet their data and intelligence requirements 
A press release about the launch of this Market Intelligence Service was published on 25th February and can be viewed here. Please contact us at to view our discounts and pricing options. 


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