Charitable Support  As we do with our work, we believe that it is important to always look at the bigger picture. One of P.A.ID Strategies’ beliefs is that we should aim to try and make a difference to those around us (as well as our clients).  

Make A Difference 
As well as personal fundraising for charities that we hold close to our hearts P.A.ID Strategies wants to make more of a difference. In this respect, we give part of our time talking with companies developing and employing technology to bring innovation in life-changing areas, such as health and social care and economic development. Please contact us if you have questions about how we can help you bring such beneficial solutions to those who need them most. 
Free Advice, Introductions and Networking 
Similarly, we’d like to hear from you if you have applications where we can help you understand what technology is out there that may fit your needs. This could be as simple as plugging into our network of connections in business, innovation and the charity sector or it could be providing a summary report, market assessment or list of options. Sometimes all you may need is someone who can bridge across traditional divides and help you connect with those on the other side. 
Donating 10% of P.A.ID Profits 
In order to demonstrate our commitment and the strength of our beliefs, P.A.ID Strategies will donate 10% of its annual net profits to charities funding medical research into rare genetic conditions. Our initial efforts are focussed on muscular dystrophy, a life limiting and progressive muscle wasting condition for which there are no current treatments but where potential breakthroughs may be found to give hope to those affected. 
Please Contact Us to find out how more about our charitable efforts, how you can get involved and what we can offer by way of our pro bono services. 
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