Security & Connectivity 

Crossing over all areas are the themes of security and connectivity.  The internet of things (IoT) is taking shape and horizontally linking what were previously vertically siloed.  Mobility is increasingly at the heart of applications, often acting as a hub or gateway between service providers and our hardware. 
“Smartness” is being added to devices and nodes on the edge of our personal networks with sensors able to feed back more information on our environments.  This greater connectivity encompasses a multitude of wireless and wired procotols and standards, often various combinations within a single use case or location, e.g. a smart building, environmental monitoring or telehealth. 
This smarter connectivity is helping businesses to evolve their focus from being device and network-centric to more user-centric, with services reaching across devices and channels.  As a result, an increasing volume of data is being generated and collated on what we do, where we do it, when we do it and how we do it.  This can extend from home, to car, to office, to college, to hospital and beyond, encompassing multimedia consumption, goods and services paid for, communication and our personal records. 
Consequently, security is of increasing importance; both to protect our data and to allow companies to optimise their services as well as monitise it.  Unfortunately there is regular evidence of hacks and breaches occurring on an almost daily basis, highlighting the needs for lessons to be learnt in terms of design and best practice so that financial and regulatory penalties can be avoided.  Concurrently, consumers are becoming more aware of the value of this data and will be awarded more control of who manages this and who is allowed access to it. 

Topics of interest include: 

eSIM, eUICC and subscription management 
NFC devices, tags and applications 
IoT security strategies 
Hardware and software solutions to address security in new connected applications 
Device authentication and device fingerprinting 
PKI, encryption and key management 
TEE, secure elements and cloud-based solutions 


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