I originally published this blog back in March 2016 as an introduction to P.A.ID Strategies & our services. Find out more about our focus, our solutions and the tools we can provide to help you address innovation & disruption. 
I am pleased to announce that after working under the radar since early 2015 that P.A.ID Strategies is now going live! 
The past year has seen us support and deliver a variety of projects for companies and organisations involved with delivering secure and trusted services, providing understanding and intelligence and helping to coordinate efforts to move the industry forwards, promoting awareness, best practice and advancing discussion of topics affecting the future roadmap for broader adoption. 
P.A.ID Strategies has been formed to provide and develop market intelligence and custom research to companies and organisations looking to better understand their environments and find a way to move forward in the face of disruptive technologies and competition. 
Our primary focus is on Payments, Authentication, Identity (P.A.ID) and the Security and Connectivity of people, devices, objects and transactions in an increasingly digitised and connected world. 
P.A.ID Strategies is different in that it pulls together these different strands, understanding how they depend upon, effect and relate to each other; not just in terms of devices, technology and vendors but for service delivery, user acceptance and go to market strategy (read more here). 
Questions Answered, Solutions Offered 
P.A.ID Strategies takes responsibility to provide guidance, intelligence and insight to help its clients make informed decisions about partnerships, route to market, technology implementations, market entry, product and service launches and strategic development. 
With a proven track record in these sectors, P.A.ID Strategies is founded upon the belief that we can help our clients understand the increasingly complex and competitive environments that they are addressing. Typical questions that we help answer are: 
What are my current opportunities? 
How should I best address the market? 
Which partners should I work with? 
Where is the market going? 
How do I compare to my competition? 
Which new markets should I address in the future? 
Where should I focus and invest? 
What is my best strategy for success? 
What We Offer 
We don’t tell you how to do your job, we provide you with the tools to make the best decisions: 
Intelligence and Insight 
Data and Understanding 
Direction and Advice 
Opinion and Reasoning 
Objective Feedback and Support 
(Find out more here
Understanding the Effects of Innovation and Disruption 
P.A.ID Strategies covers innovative companies, emerging technologies and disruptive strategies in relation to Payments, Authentication, Identity, Security and Connectivity. This encompasses card and non-card form factors, embedded solutions, digital credentials, software and service platforms used in relation to people, devices and objects. 
To help clients make important business decisions and determine their future roadmaps and strategies we have never been afraid to shy away from a challenge. Our upcoming research will continue this theme; addressing and tackling difficult questions in an increasingly changing and uncertain market environment. Traditional vendor-client relationships are becoming increasingly blurred as the market moves from legacy cards and standalone security products, to smart and secure embedded solutions and new form factors. No longer able to rely on their legacy hardware and product focused businesses, companies are moving to secure their positions in a future ecosystem where connected, digital and mobile platforms are coming to the fore, breaking vertical silo’s with software and services becoming increasingly prominent. 
We look forward to working with you again in the future. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us 
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